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ICT Essentials for restructuring weak countries-OasisDala

ICT Essentials Enabling a strong market for Information and Communication Technology (ICT) is fundamental to reconstructing fragile and contradictory states (FCS) and addressing human suffering. As OasisDala explained elsewhere ICT Essentials is important because it can be used by people to renew, to create violence, to build community, to revive the economy and to help out. Important strategies for enabling ICT provide protection for property rights and minimum hurdles for the competition.

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South Sudan tells the importance of ICT Essentials The Youth Peacemaker Network of the Whitaker Peace and Development Initiative has narrated the story of John’s Twik East kings, through which ICT Essentials training of a phone call, an urgent attack alert, and the cattle Avawan, meaning Akku Kaka and Mogta Martin were started. And the education opportunities United Nations High Commissioner Refugees (UNHCR) illustrates how ICT Essentials can protect refugees: Biometrics has established one of four mothers, Hana Ali Kuku, for the treatment of her respiratory tract and her child’s well-suited treatment. Used to detect and track the spread of GPS-related diseases.

How Five Critical Illustrations and ICT Essentials Leads to World Bank Studies by Tim Kelly and David Sue


It is important to start establishing physical security and governmental organizations in which both citizens and prospective investors are confident. Automation of ICT Essentials services, automated with security services. For example, in South Sudan, crowd-assisted ICT Essentials -enabled early warning systems helped reduce threats, even when the miscommunication implementation of incidents weakened the system



Based on the rapid reconstruction of physical infrastructure for rebuilding trust, communication, transport, health etc on rebuilding. Built mobile networks can be done as quickly as possible, creating a stable environment and reducing expenditures for other organization, comfort services, and for example, in Afghanistan between 2006 to 2012, every 100 people increased from 6.3 to 63.3 and the number of Internet users in the period ranged from 200,000. Increased to 1 million. The SIM card costs between $ 250 and $ 1 between 2002 and 2012.



It is necessary to establish the full casteism of the relationship between self-confidence and violence in the violence between violence. 40 South Africans have followed the Truth and Reconciliation Commission for which ICT Essentials enabling transparency and extension of access.


Public participation

ICT Essentials appeals to people to reach out, mobilize diversity, protect anonymity (if necessary), and enable election politics. Experience in Rwanda (Massacre by Radio Millie Collins) and Afghanistan (Peer Sponsor Radio Stations) show that one-Marx media can be easily used to encourage violence. Social media and interactive web platforms are important for protecting themselves from sensitive media.



Conflicts diminish economic growth, destroys financial assets and capabilities, and drive capital and skilled people from FCS. It has been found in Rwanda that transfer of ICT blocks, mobile payments, returning to foreign countries and new business growth.

What are the essential features of an effective ICT essential policy? Market liberalization is as important as increasing the ICT essential expansion. The research of the International Institute of Peace shows how low the control of ICT essential in Kenya, its early warning system and its inability to disable web access, and the mobile networks inhibit more violence than the perpetrators of the Kyrgyz Republic.


Essential and competitive investment is an effective regulatory mechanism that has been adapted and ensures the protection of property rights and the competition. In relation to especially the fragile states, investors have to face high risk, who struggle for power in which there will be confiscation or destruction of machinery.

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